The new APRAS Web has Launched!
New to PA Permitting? - Request a PennDOT Account:
  • Complete the required forms for a new company which are located on the PennDOT website under Doing Business / Permits / Hauling Information.
  • Forms must be submitted and reviewed by Central Permit Office before a permitting account and access to APRAS can be granted.
Existing APRAS Users - Register your Company for APRAS:
  • Access the link above and select Register, then select Business Partner.
  • Enter your company's Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN), Name and information and click Next.
  • A notice will appear at the top to confirm your company is not registered in the Enterprise Security Solution (ESEC) Portal.
  • Verify FEIN for correctness. If correct, click the link that reads "Click here to register Business Partner Organization"
  • Enter the businesses Legal Address and primary Contact Person Information (this would be the person who submitted the original registration paperwork required for procuring permits from PennDOT) and click Next.
Registering Additional APRAS Users:
  • Click Register and select Business Partner
  • Enter your company's Name, FEIN, City, Zip and click Next
    • If your company has not registered, you will see a warning message to register the company. See instruction to Register your Company.
  • Enter your contact information, set up your security questions, and Read the User Release Agreement and e-sign if you agree to the terms
  • Select "I want access for myself" (A delegate administrator is the administrator for the ESEC Portal and is the individual responsible for registering the company with PennDOT.)
  • Select the primary role you need to perform your duties (additional roles can be added once you're registered)
    • Admin - Update user roles, manage account details, and manage fleet
    • Applicant - Create and submit applications
    • Billing - Review invoicing details