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PennDOT actively tests and supports Internet Explorer 11.X, Chrome and FireFox for use with APRAS. Other browsers may be used, but if pages do not display properly PennDOT customer service may not be able to resolve issues.

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APRAS Availability Notice - Updated 11/08/14

APRAS Web will be unavailable on the last Saturday of the month for 30mins
between the hours of 11:30PM-12:30AM for system processing and backup.
APRAS Web will remain unavailable for enterprise infrastructure support on
Sunday from 5 AM to 7 AM.
In some cases, the system will be available before the advertised completion time.
If you are unable to access the APRAS Web Home Page or enter applications, you should first:
(1) Check the Current APRAS status
(2) by visiting the PENNDOT Home Page (www.penndot.gov) and selecting "Doing Business" menu, then "Permits", and reading the status message and/or
(3) by checking your E-mail (if you have provided the Central Permit Office with your correct E-mail address).
(4) Also, attempt to access another favorite web site (to verify you currently have access to other sites).
If the nature of the problem and estimated repair time is known, this information will be posted at one or more of the above three locations. This protocol was established to allow for efficient notification to all users whenever problems arise. Please refrain from calling PENNDOT until after you have checked all four options above.

Useful Information

M936A Series Forms.
APRAS Release Notes.

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