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APRAS Availability Notice - Updated 11/21/10
APRAS Web down-time has been significantly improved.
APRAS Web will be unavailable on the last Saturday of the month for 30mins
between the hours of 11:30PM-12:30AM for system processing and backup.
APRAS Web will remain unavailable for enterprise infrastructure support on
Sunday from 5 AM to 7 AM.
In some cases, the system will be available before the advertised completion time.
Click here for M936A Series Forms.
Click here for APRAS Release Notes.
Click here for APRAS Turnpike Routing.
The online training manual is available in Adobe Acrobat format. To download the files for future reference, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..."
Online Training Manual - Volume 1 - Gearing Up
Online Training Manual - Volume 2 - Using APRAS
Online Training Manual - Volume 3 - Super Loads
APRAS Web has been tested with, and support is provided for Internet Explorer (versions IE6 and IE8). If you are not currently using Internet Explorer, PENNDOT recommends the use of Internet Explorer for best performance and maximum application functionality.A link is provided below to download the current version of Internet Explorer. Please download and install a supported browser before reporting any problems.
Download Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Versions IE6 and IE8
Whichever browser you use, APRAS Web requires that your browser be configured to accept cookies.
Download Oracle's Java Plugin APRAS Web requires the use of the Oracle Java Plug-in Version 1.6.0_02, which provides a standard Java environment for all web browsers. You will be prompted to download and install the plugin the first time you reach an APRAS Web page that requires it; after which you may have to restart your browser for the plugin to work. If you have not yet installed the plugin, you can download it now from Oracle's Java Plugin page
(Download Notes: Above link opens a new browser that displays Java SE Runtime Environment 6u2. On this page accept license agreement and click on Windows Offline Installation (build 06). New window will be displayed with sign on details.
Enter Username and Password, if you already have an account or Click the Sign Up link for a free Oracle Web account. Enter the required fields and follow the given installation instructions.)
If you are unable to access the APRAS Web Home Page or enter applications, you should first check the status of APRAS:
(1) by visiting the PENNDOT Home Page (www.dot.state.pa.us) and selecting "Services & Software", then "DOT Online Services", then "APRAS - Automated Permit Routing and Analysis System" and reading the status message and/or
(2) by checking your E-mail (if you have provided the Central Permit Office with your correct E-mail address).
(3) Also, attempt to access another favorite web site (to verify you currently have access to other sites).
If the nature of the problem and estimated repair time is known, this information will be posted at one or more of the above three locations. This protocol was established to allow for efficient notification to all users whenever problems arise. Please refrain from calling PENNDOT until after you have checked all four options above.